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At Surge we apply tech innovation in businesses and startups

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About Surge

Surge is a startup studio.

We identify business challenges and establish the best route from concept to execution.

Harnessing the latest web and tech innovation trends, the aim is to create startups that will turn into sustainable businesses.

Our Focus Areas

Focus Areas

Our approach keeps us one step ahead of the competition. All of Surge’s tech startups are designed and built around 4 core innovation areas:

Mobile Crowdsourcing

The popularity of modern mobile devices means we all now carry a powerful camera, camcorder and GPS device with us, allowing us to capture real world data everywhere we go.

Whether it’s images of local businesses, videos of events, opinions of shoppers or consumer behaviour patterns, the wisdom and resources of the crowd enables scale and growth.

In mobile crowdsourcing applications, cost efficiency, speed of execution and its wide-reaching capabilities are clear benefits.

At the same time, users feel valued as community contributors and retention is improved.

Behavioural Gamification

Businesses and tech startups are adopting gamification in various consumer, brand and digital experiences.

Behavioural Gamification uses game design elements in non-mobile game applications to edcuate, engage and to motivate users to take certain actions that fit the brand and user experience.

In the design of our projects, behavioural gamification methods are used in digital marketing, brand engagement, mobile crowdsourcing and other areas.

The result is higher rates of engagement, which ultimately drives down marketing spend in acquiring new and repeat users.

Big Data

The business benefits of understanding human behaviour has never been doubted. With modern technology we have access to enormous data sets which, in the right hands, can give more insight than ever before.

The challenge not only lies in acquiring and processing large amounts of data, but also to analyse relevant data to unvcover actionable insights that will benefit the business.

New revenue oppportunities, market trends, consumer behaviour patterns and improved operational processes can be derived.

It is the fuel for AI, machine learning and deep learning systems to produce cutting edge applications that will ultimately change how the world works.

Artificial Intelligence

The technological advancement of the internet, mobile devices and computers has improved our ability to acquire, store and analyse data, paving the way for a new wave of AI systems.

Coupled with machine learning and deep learning breakthroughs, web software and applications that are at the forefront of tech innovation can now be used by everyday businesses.

In the wide range of AI fields, our approach in machine learning and AI systems stems from being able to solve real life problems through startup businesses.

With few constraints in product development, the Surge team brings creativity, business acumen and web innovation into creating tech startups that will make an impact.

Active Projects

Research Blog

What’s new?

Innovation culture requires continuous research and experimentation.

Here is where you’ll find our latest thoughts and read about the projects that we’re currently working on.

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Liquid Workforce

Surge is dedicated to innovating workforce strategies to be more fluid and flexible in three areas: skills development, project planning and organization structure. We embrace the liquid workforce ideology and thus work seamlessly with international remote teams and local hires.

Joining our team means being part of a network of individuals from all over the world striving to push the boundaries of their respective fields.

Joining the Team

Surge is always on the look out for talent that can contribute to our vision and projects. If you believe you have the skillsets that complements the Surge team, please do drop us a message.


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