Robust Data Infrastructure

To Deliver Exceptional Data Products

Under the hood of a timely analytics report, insightful business intelligence dashboard or powerful machine learning model are sophisticated data pipelines and a well-designed data infrastructure.

Main Advantages In Building Good Data Infrastructure

Single Source of Truth

Cleaned, transformed and normalized data from multiple sources provides single source of truth (SSOT) for everyone to work on the same information.

Scalable Data Solution

A well planned data infrastructure enables scalability of data users and data usage while maintaining performance in speed and reliability.

Flexible Data Architecture

A flexible data architecture allows for various on demand changes in data analytics and innovative development of data products and automation.

Data Accuracy & Integrity

When data accuracy and data integrity is consistent, high adoption of data driven practices can be seen within decision making, workflows and innovation.

Data Infrastructure Design

Our Work

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Sivashanker Thambiah

Regional Director – Western Digital, Malaysia

Western Digital engaged Surge for an urgent and important analysis project which it had never attempted before. Accommodating our tight timeline they produced a detailed report which was presented to the MD and other members. We were thoroughly impressed. There were answers to questions we didn’t even think to ask. Their advice was pivotal in making our final decision.

David Puttock

Owner – Bristol Van Removals, UK

I have worked with Surge for the past 14 years. They have built websites for my company, designed detailed online advertising campaigns and provided detailed analytics to help my business grow. Their team can tailor their service to whatever your bespoke needs might be. Very professional company and staff. I can’t recommend this company enough!

Daeren Tan

Owner, Music Producer – Superred Music, Malaysia

We have been getting a lot of support and assistance from Vincent and Isaac on our website development. We had no idea on how we should go about developing our website to generate leads which will then convert to revenue. The team gave very on-point advice and taught us how to market ourselves using Google Ads. Plus analysing our potential customers using collected data to improve our business. The team is very helpful and professional. Thank you Surge!!

Bahijah Wajid

Senior Marketing Manager – Indizium, Malaysia

Surge is by far the leading expert in data analytics and lead generation. Vincent and his team not only helped us harness our sale potentials through our website consistent with industry best practices but also did a great job of building our online presence. When it comes to website building and lead generation, it was a no-brainer for us to leverage Surge’s insights as their knowledge and credibility served as an added value to our organization.

Jee Kwan Ng

Owner – IDIR Solutions, Malaysia

I am glad to have partnered up with Surge to develop the platform that we are trying to build. You hear stories of how software development can quickly become an over-complex, over-budget, yet under-performing affair but I’m thankful to have the Surge team guide us through each step of the way. I am particularly appreciative of their focus in the early stages of development to ensure a well defined scope which they consequently delivered working beta versions quickly. Besides that, the Surge team was still able to understand our longer-term visions for the future growth of the platform and advise us on the best ways to achieve that.

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